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Low-Temperature, Energy-Efficient, Prepared Clay Bodies & Glazes

Energy is essential to the manufacturing of ceramic products. Recent events have demonstrated what little influence industrial energy users can have over the purchase cost of this vital commodity.

Endeka has been listening hard to what you, the customer is saying about the significant issues surrounding utility supply costs affecting your economic and business performance.

    Gas and Electricity price increases of
    65% or more in one year
    Save upto 40% on energy usage
    Increased concern about the effects on the environment
    of burning fossil fuels
    Reduce carbon gas emissions
    Environmental taxation via the Climate Energy Levy and EU ETS
    Reduce taxation. Also profit
                                           from carbon trading

Therefore in 2004 Endeka UK embarked on a product development programme using our new ThermECO technology.

  • For many years the ceramic industry has been aware that there were ways to reduce kiln-firing temperatures. However until today these have always been either uneconomical or detrimental to product quality.

With a solution to these issues Endeka UK are proud to announce the launch of our new energy efficient, low temperature glaze and clay body range.

  • Contact us complete with some basic details about your operation and find out what ThermECO could save you.

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