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ThermECO Calculator

ThermECO Calculator
No of pieces produced each year
Average weight of piece (kg)
Cost of gas (p/kWhr)
Model used
Power source Gas-Fired Electric-Fired

Conventional ThermECO
Firing temperature (C)
Annual energy use (kWhr)
Annual CO2e emissions (tonnes)
Annual energy bill ()
Equivalent to driving
Equivalent to lighting a 60W bulb


This calculator is provided so that ceramic producers can estimate the likely savings, both in energy and carbon emissions, that might result from a switch to ThermECO products.

Please see the notes below for more information on the capabilities and limitations of this calculator.

Independent Verification

"Valpak Consulting have audited the calculator and can verify that its output is accurate within the scope of its intended purpose: that is, to give an indication of the likely energy and related carbon savings resulting from the use of ThermECO products" - Valpak Consulting

This calculator will give an estimate of the savings that can be achieved using Endeka Ceramics' ThermECO products.
The information provided here is intended as a guide only: actual savings may vary from those predicted by this calculator.
The calculator works by considering the energy required to fire a given weight of ceramic to a specified temperature.
It makes no attempt to correct for factors such as individual kiln efficiency, firing schedule, cycle length, ware pack density, etc.
The calculator uses 2013 greenhouse gas conversions factors taken from the Carbon Trust web site.
The calculator assumes a diesel car achieves 50 miles per gallon.
Actual savings will depend on many factors: the calculator is provided purely to give a like-for-like comparison based on the reduction in firing temperature that can be achieved with ThermECO products.
Endeka Ceramics accepts no liability for losses resulting from inaccuracies in this calculator.

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