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Technical Support

The ThermECO product range is fully supported by Endeka Ceramics UK’s team of highly trained and experienced ceramic technicians and chemists.

Our trained technicians work with our customers to develop optimal raw material, clay body and prepared glaze solutions, offering a range of products backed by the highest standards of quality control, technical support and customer service.

We are on hand to deliver the required level of assistance and support, to ensure the organized and proficient translation of the ThermECO product range into your manufacturing process.

To support our customers during product and process translation through scale up trials, we have a fully equipped pilot plant, to enable effective offline trialing at all stages in the process. e.g:

  • Clay body preparation,
  • Casting slip preparation,
  • Clay rheology,
  • Casting facilities,
  • Glaze preparation,
  • Glaze rheology,
  • Glaze application,
  • Quality control testing,
  • Analytical testing,
  • Kiln preparation and setting

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